Biblical Imperatives for Agricultural Skill Development  An overview of the guiding principles found in scripture pertaining to agriculture.      

    Soil Management and Fertility:  A study of soil structure and composition including physical, biological and chemical properties incorporating soil   
    assay, analysis and recommendations.  How to interpret a soil analysis. Study includes nutrient balancing, physical amendments, fertilizer sources and
    materials. Also includes moisture management, tillage and cultivation practices. How to get the most productivity and nutrition from your soil.

    Plant Pathology and Pests:  Course is an overview of plant and soil diseases, plant pests, and weeds with emphasis on diagnostic and prevention   
    measures; physical, biological, organic and chemical.  Overview of pesticide chemistries and modes of action for organic and synthetic materials,       
    introduction to the Integrated Pest Management approach to plant pathogens.  Explanation of methods used to meet organic standards.

    Plant Propagation:  Principles and practices of seed germination, production, harvest and storage. Theoretical and practical exercises in asexual plant
    production through cuttings, budding and grafting. Principles for plant variety selections.

    Vegetable/Ornamental Production:  Overview of outdoor and greenhouse production systems used to maximize crop productivity.  Methods and   
    technologies to make your gardening efficient. We explore cost and labor analysis to help you plan and grow the most for your effort.
Training families for noble independence in service to Jesus Christ
Berea Gardens Agriculture Training Center
Training Programs... at  "a school of a different order"

The schedule has been set for our 2016 on-farm agriculture training  
programs.  We are offering  five-day programs but encourage you to
arrive the Sunday afternoon before the session begins and you are
welcome to stay through the Sabbath and depart the following Sunday
morning.   See course descriptions at the bottom of this page for the
standard five day program.

Each course will include intensive classroom study and exposure to
activities on our certified, sustainable, naturally-grown market farm
located in the cool rolling hills of  West Virginia.  Registration cost for the
course includes guest accommodations, meals and study materials.

Courses will be taught by Bob Gregory, Certified Crop Consultant,
agronomist, farmer and teacher with over 45 years of experience in
traditional, sustainable and organic farming methods.  Our emphasis will be
to equip you with the knowledge and information that will allow you to
grow high quality food with a maximum of efficiency.  Our "principles"
based philosophy is applicable anywhere and stresses the utilization of
local and readily obtainable resources.  Whether seeking to just meet the
food needs of your family, or to support yourself with a diversified market
farm, these programs will prepare you for the task.

We have a limit of ten registrations per session to provide the best
possible attention to your needs and ask that you schedule your reservation
at least 30 days in advance.  Act now to reserve your session.

* Email  Berea Gardens for details here. Please include your phone number.

Five day session cost:
(includes accommodation and meals)

Individual Registration $645
(inquire about rates for married couples)

Course description below
"Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden,
to till the ground from whence he was taken."        Genesis 3:23
Order this 6 DVD set with over 9
hours of instruction along with
downloadable study guides and
resource lists for only $119.95
Can't attend in person? Consider
getting our 6 DVD training set
covering over 9 hours of the most
essential points of our program.
Though it is not a complete
substitute for what you can learn
here, it will get you started!

We have trained growers from forty seven states and
all six inhabited continents

2016 Session Schedule

March 13 to 19

April 3 to 9

September 4 to 10

October 9 to 15