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"Optimizing the Base Saturation of Soil" - This is a 78 minute PowerPoint on how to calculate for optimum soil pH and Base Saturation
percentages using information from your soil analysis. This presentation explains how to provide an optimum environment for plant growth and
human health.  I will walk you through the steps of doing calculations for adjusting pH, maximizing the levels of Calcium, Magnesium and
Potassium so that you can get the absolute best productivity from your soil and provide the ideal environment for biological activity from
beneficial organisms. This effective "First Step" in dealing with your soil chemistry will enhance any fertilizers you make use of to grow your
crops, whether organic or synthetic.
Need training but can't attend our program?  Get some of the critical basics for success with this:

"Food Grower's Guidelines: An Expert's View"  Is our 6 DVD instructional video set that covers key principles about
soil management, plant pathology, pest and weed control, and how to select and save seed
. This set contains some of the core material taught in our
week long on-site farm training program. Over 9 hours of instruction along with download study guides and printable lists of resources are included.
The scientifically proven concepts and practices explained in these videos are the essential keys to your success in growing food, whether you are
an experienced market farmer or just planting your first garden.  Everything taught in this series will work 100% of the time and is applicable
anywhere on the globe. Gain the benefit of learning the most important lessons I have gleaned from over 45 years of highly professional
agricultural experience to grow the most abundant and healthful food possible in ways that are safe for you, for your crops and for the environment.
"He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding."    Proverbs 12:11
"From Garden to Garden" - Free video of a presentation at the McDonald Road Church in March 2013.
The Biblical and practical imperatives for growing your food. Why it is essential to have a garden.
Order this 6 DVD set with over 9 hours of instruction along with
downloadable study guides and resource lists
All 6 DVD's for only $95.00 + 5.80 shipping (U.S. only)
"The Other Side of the Fence"  William Albrecht's classic explanation about the importance of soil mineralization